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Lite Dahi

Product Code : GP#6120

Product Description

Gopaljee Lite Dahi is prepared from purest and freshest pasteurized skimmed milk and it is free from added sugar.For health conscious people,Gopaljee lite dahi is the perfect answer not only will it help in reducing Calories but it will also ensure that you remain active and stay healthy. It doesn’t contain any preservatives.


  • Packaging : Gopaljee Lite Dahi is available in Polypack-200 g,400g and 1 Kg.
  • Shelf Life : 7 days from the date of packaging if stored under refrigeration below 5 degree Celsius.
  • Storage Conditions : Store continuously under refrigeration below 5 degree Celsius.
1 Total Energy(Kcal) 30
2 Total Carbohydrates(g) 3.4
    Added Sugar(g) 0.0
3 Total fat(g) 0.2
    Saturated Fat(g) 0.0
    Transfat(g) 0.0
4 Protein(g) 3.8
5 Calcium(mg) 13

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