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Our Successful Journey

Message of Chief Managing Director

“Honesty & Simplicity are the best virtues in life to progress”

Dear Consumers,

It gives me immense pleasure to communicate with you through this platform on behalf of our brand Gopaljee and I, personally, would like to express gratitude for your continued support and patronage towards us. Let me introduce you to the world of Gopaljee, where we all are a very close knit family. Simple yet substantial virtues of honesty, diligence, integrity and perseverance are our establishing pillars and are fathomlessly instilled in each and every member of Gopaljee family.

Essentially, our point of convergence is procuring our raw product, milk, at a remunerative price so that it is cost-effective and lucrative for dairy farmers. We continually work towards incentivizing them so that they are inspired to aggrandize their investment towards expanding milk production. We firmly believe that our prosperity is undeviatingly proportional to the
prosperity of our workers, farmers and local inhabitants. Hence, all our endeavors are conducted towards evolving ideas to benefit them to the optimum.

Moreover, we emphasize on augmenting efficiency of our existing production line and also on producing more Value Addition Products (VAPs) seizing improved shelf life. We accredit our success to ethical business practices and hence, acknowledge being honest towards our end consumers is our primary intent. We aspire to serve our nation with the best of health and hence, we meticulously follow comprehensive food measures and Government laid quality norms for paramount quality assurance.

The real flavor of life lies in good health and that can only be reaped with pure and fresh dairy products from your own entrusted brand Gopaljee!

Although, Gopaljee is an acclaimed and a prominent brand name in the milk and dairy industry,we strive hard to endure working with the continual passion and commitment to ensure adequate availability of dairy products nationwide, day in and day out. In the coming decades,due to urbanization we anticipate soaring global growth in the demand of dairy products since our consumer base is ever multiplying and our biggest challenge will be to administer dairy products fresh as farm, produced in adequate quantity nationwide at utmost competitive price. We will accomplish this by prudently integrating our technical expertise and proficiency with pertinent scientific know-how and our dedication to achieve our goal.

Basic food, like milk, lays the foundation of a healthy nation and hence Gopaljee leaves no stone unturned to provide its best and realize the dream of healthy and progressive India.


Mr. K.P. Dxit

(Managing Director)

More than 2.6 decade of Success

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